Brand Strategy

Build a brand that connects with your ideal audience

Investing in brand drives long-term sustainable growth.

Brands that have a story, a personality and a powerful voice, plus invest in brand marketing, generally outperform poorly branded counterparts over the long term in the way of customer return, satisfaction, average lifetime value and acquisition costs.

Building a brand allows you to start selling to your audience, before they’re ready to buy. Reducing wasted spend against competition and high acquisition costs at the point of purchase. 

Higher life-time value per customer.


Ability to charge up to 20% higher than competitors.


Lower new customer acquisition costs.


As much as 70% higher customer retention rate

How to know if a brand strategy is the right move for you?


You have an incredible product or service, but you’re not sure how to differentiate your brand from your competitors.


Your product, service or team has evolved over time and your brand, and business overall, no longer feels cohesive.


You're not entirely sure who your ideal customer is and how to reach them efficiently or cost effectively.


You're experiencing a plateau in growth and lack the staff or internal expertise to reach the next level.

These are all signs of businesses that might lack a clear identity and position in the market, have an internal disconnect between teams and direction, or don’t a have a defined brand and marketing strategy designed to deliver extended growth.

My process - Brand strategy consulting.

Creating incredible brands.


Learn exactly who your ideal customer is, how you compare against competitors and understand the growth and movement of your market.

  ➤ Market research
Competitor analysis
Audience insights & interviews


Identify exactly what your brand story is, define how and where you need to be positioned in the market and deep-dive into your customer personas.

  ➤ Brand purpose & vision
Brand positioning
Customer personas
  ➤ Brand architecture


Give your brand a voice and personality that allows it to create emotional brand to human connections.

  ➤ Brand personality
Key content & messaging pillars
  ➤ Marketing strategy


Tie everything together with beautiful visual elements that consumers associate with your brand.

  ➤ Logo design
Brand assets
  ➤ Colour palettes
  ➤ Creative directions
  ➤ Brand guidelines

Working with me on your brand strategy allows you to build a sustainable growth plan that:

Is affordable


more affordable than traditional agencies.

Is efficient


internal staff hires no longer needed.

Has huge cost savings


saved on employee costs

Bespoke pricing that suits your unique situation and offering.

Every brand strategy is different and has unique requirements based on so many variables including product/service, target markets and their nuances, brand architecture, audience depth and so much more.

There is no one-size-fits all approach to brand strategy.

So I audit your current business position to design a bespoke package that perfectly fits you and your unique requirements. This ensures you’re not over paying or missing out on crucial aspects of a brand strategy. 


My brand workshop is either a virtual or in-person experience where we get together to understand your brand and determine whether it currently aligns with your offerings, audience and the market.


Get everything you need to build and grow a brand with sustainable long-term growth. Your strategy will allow you to redefine your market, outperform competitors and increase customer spend & loyalty. 


Get your brand strategy and the branded design assets to match. This includes logo design, colour palettes, typography, branded digital and print assets, social media kits and website design and development + more.

Frequently asked questions

This can differ depending on the brand and complexity of the strategy. For example, it’s far quicker to create a strategy for a brand new business than it is to create one for the rebrand of, for example, an established FMCG brand.

However, the following are some general timings:

→ Brand Strategy: 4-8 weeks
→ Brand Strategy + Design: 6-10 weeks
→ Brand Workshops: Sessions are usually 2-4 hours + 1 week to deliver feedback and action plan.

While I deliver your new brand strategy with a 6-12 month roadmap so that you and your team can stay on-top of this, I do offer brand advisory services to take this off of your hands.

This can include:
→ Ongoing brand management
→ Campaign and ad copywriting
→ Content strategy
→ Social media & content management
→ Campaign strategy, briefing & management
→ Brand performance reporting
→ + more

While brand workshops can be run virtually, they’re often more interactive and successful when everyone is in the same room. 

Ultimately, this is up to you.

I am available to travel around Australia and internationally. Travel costs are added to the base workshop cost.

Yes, though it does require an initial audit of your existing strategy. This allows me to ensure it’s aligned and designed with long-term growth in mind.

Generally, I have a 50/50 payment schedule. That’s 50% at project kickoff and 50% at project delivery.

For smaller businesses where cash flow is a concern, payments may be able to be split over the course of a project. e.g: 33% / month on a 3 month project.

For ongoing brand advisory, billing is a fixed monthly subscription.

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